Zachary Payne will teach poetry at KWW 2019


Zachary Payne is poet and translator who currently works as a Spanish Professor at Windward Community College.  He received his Ph.D. from the Complutense University in Madrid, in Spanish and Latin American Thought. As a translator, Zach has published full book translations of Spanish and Latin American Poets (Rafael Cadenas, Pablo Guevara, and Leopoldo Maria Panero) into English while also translating the Beat Poet, Bob Kaufman, into Spanish. He is a member of the Editorial Committee of the Spanish Poetry Journal Caja de Resistencia. To date he has published two collections of his poems in Spanish, the most recent being Robos, Setas & Sombras (Huerga y Fierro, 2014) and has been included in a number of anthologies and journals in Europe, the United States and Latin America.  Most recently, Zach has published Termites: the Illegal Occupation of Paradise (Prote(s)xt an imprint of Hesterglock Press, 2018).


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